It all belongs to you Jesus! Give iy to Him dear!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Well, this Jesus indeed went into the mountain but more that climbing to the mountain, He entered into the Spirit that He might find word appropriate for the people and meet their personal needs! As a minister you do not have to be like everybody else or the flock, you have to be like Christ!

Climb into the 'mountain' seeing the people and find for them a word worthy for their need and food rich for their daily supply in the name of Jesus! Shalom grace and life to you!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

CONSIDER THIS DEEP YET SEEMINGLY BORING QUESTION: Yeah, of course you are not God.. Bu think about this.. If God is spirit and you have the Spirit of God in the name of Jesus, who are you, Just a mere man or person? I don't reason so for As your father is so are in the world! you are a type of Christ! Be yours rear self now in the name of Jesus! Shalom grace and peace to you!

Friday, September 20, 2013


What are you loosing for Christ and for your faith today? Surely you have to give up something, perhaps a right or something you are used to for something new that is YOURS, A blessed right in God! Think about.. This is pure gospel. Shalom peace and grace to you!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012 - Peace and Many Blessings!

“The reward of righteousness is not the work of our hands but the work of our Lord. Peace is of God…Now if you are of God where is your peace?” E.A Faithson.

We have just come from the spirit of the birth of our Lord Jesus. Still in the mood of celebration the world is yet again being ushered into another milestone called New Year. Interestingly more than a season or event, both Christmas and the New Year carries a strong message. Christmas reminds us of the peace of God whilst the New Year assures us of hope and good things in the year. The still small voice then is... Do not fear…it is well!

With these interesting seasons ushering us into the future, contentions of the year seem to have been graciously taken care of and now we the beneficiaries stand no more in fear or accused except in hope of better times! Time changes, every season has its own situations. All the days are not the same and so are the years. The year 2012 is an important year in the history of our country especially as it ushers us into general elections.

But one may ask, what is the way forward for our peace and development? Surely this is a ransom question that comes with a handsome reward. Our Human life experience teaches us many great lessons and experiences. For instances we know how by ourselves can do many things and also how by our own selves can not do everything.

We are the ones who join to fight for independence, elect leaders and build a nation and also the same ones who join to bring down leaders and break laws. We seem to have so much power in our hands yet we are never are fulfilled by the works of our hands. This reveals how by our human nature we are both strong and weak. It is makes reason therefore saying in these two world or states of life that you can’t eat your cake and have it.

This is where the significance of the spirit of Christmas comes in. On Christmas we learn how Christ won the honour of His God and the respect of world by a selfless sacrifice. By showing the world He loves and care for their need, Jesus gave His life for a ransom. It did not come easy. He did not only tell the people what to do, He did it for us to see! This is it. Until you give your life as a ‘ransom’ sacrifice you can not or better still, do not deserve a handsome reward.

This is truly a message for Ghanaians and for politicians as we prepare to face the times ahead and for elections We often tell others, don’t do this…do that and yet fail to stand up for the same cause. Leaders are often guilty in this blackmail. They try to tell their people what to do or what they will but we don’t have what they have done for us to see.Don’t tell me what to do…do it for me to see! This slogan is quite instructive to our times and situation. Soon politicians will be coming to us campaigning for elections. Needless to say the political temperature is likely to rise.

But the fact still remains that we can’t eat the chicken that lays the egg and still hope or wish to have eggs for breakfast or dinner!Necessity is laid on us; we must all give up something, our pleasure for the destiny of our future and nation. As a nation when we look forward into the year and future, what do we see; do we see a people proud and respectful of each other’s life, a united people where we are each other’s keeper or a nation where we are at each other’s throat?

Research shows that the day a year begins is often the same day the year ends. It is said in the local dialect ‘agro beso a, efre anopa.’ Literally meaning, if the day will end well the early days will show. The way you start will show the way you will end. This is a truism that must guide us into the future. Though we may not all be Christians, we all believe in God.

The inspirations in the Christian song ‘stand up stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the cross’ may mean more to the consolidation of our cherished peace. On these bases we rewrite the words ‘stand up, stand for peace you soldiers of God.’ To be a soldier is to give up your life for another. No good soldier keeps his life. The Christmas spirit is the way for us to go in our quest for peace.

Rather than engage in divisive tendencies and violent speech and exchanges we must make every effort to engage each other in love and in respect. Our politics, governance, social, religious and developmental life style must have a new focus and reflection.There must be no place or room given to arrogance, pride, greed or selfishness.

Such behavior of people must be strictly condemned without reservation. It is about time we called a spade a spade if we truly desire the best for ourselves, people and country. Our country is of age and we must well behave beyond petty political squabbling and mischief. We are the ones who as one rose, fighting for political independence. Thank goodness we have it; our fight must now be geared towards freedom thus self reliance and maturity.

The people must be the ones who own their economy and control their future rather than focus on other people or politicians to do it or own it for them. We must all work diligently and with a selfless desire to achieve for selves and for others and our country peace and prosperity without putting first our wicked selfish interest. We must look not only for competence and skills in those who seek our mandate but see also in all knowledge and all utterances the manifestation of peace, humility and respect in the life of those who desire to rule us.

Indeed we should all value peace and resolve that only people who offer to give their lives for us truly deserves the handsome reward of our vote and power. Don’t tell me what you can do…show me what you have done! When you sow peace for life there is given to you for a reward peace for peace! Reach out a hand, touch a brother’s hand and shake your hands gently and together say…Peace for peace!

May Ghana rise to give and offer peace that we might find peace in the midst of the year! Que Dieu te benice au Ghana. May God bless you Ghana!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is it!

‘For consider Him who endured such great affliction of sinful men so that you will not grow weary and loose heart.’ Heb 12:13
Bother let’s all agree that the reason why we leave our brothers behind is this. We are not considering Him. We lack consideration! There is no consideration any more. We have become so selfish everybody is talking about right, right, and right. But in this carnal state and nature of man is the voice: ‘Therefore if what I eat causes my brother to fall into sin I will never eat meat again so that I will not cause him to fall.’ 1 Corinth 8:13. 
Can you imagine?  If the exercise of your right or freedom will cause others to fall forsake your right for the faith of others! Ah, what a brother you are sweet Jesus! That you laid down your glory for my shame, death and disgrace! The question we should ask ourselves is in the midst of all these where is the right of God, does God too have right anyway? Of course the right of God is the right of men! Many are wounded and crying, hopeful but helpless not knowing where to go or what to do.
They wonder and ask ‘is it not God who says He has come to save the world, where is He, where is His help and salvation?’ my heart is troubled this day and I want some serious considerations here.  I must confess I am not the best considerate person, in fact I am learning. King David was and a greater considerate is here even Jesus! Well, if Jesus is I am! Halleluiah we are!
Let’s through this spirituality of Jesus provoke ourselves unto selfless love and giving. Let’s come to the level of ours and show them which are weak and dying some help and give them hope. Suddenly I felt a sense of loneliness not one that I experienced at the dawn of my father’s death. The news of his death hit me and my family.
 It was not easy but we will not give the glory to any one, thing or spirit but unto God be the glory! We have to be like our father. He is Jesus! The day was old and still did not feel for food not because did not have enough to eat. I can see beverage and some money on my shelves. I have been gripped into a deep sense of reflection far greater than the fact that my twin brother is going to stay away from me for some time.
Sure we will have the great chance to talk. You see what I mean? There is knitting and there is knitting.  There is one that touches only beyond flesh and blood and other further than the bones and marrows unto the depth of the soul and spirit.  I called my mom and felt the same in her voice. There is not a lost star here but I see God ministering and reawakening something.
There is a sense of emptiness and cry for help and recovery all over the place. Deeply troubled are many souls needing help. Some are even unable to relate to their very situation let alone see their rightful help. O’ how we need each other! Not to joke or to lie to ourselves but to love and understand ourselves.
Bibles say confess your sins one to another. But see how there is none to confess to! See how lack of love and understanding keeps many down with addictions and unending challenges without help. Yes, God is our helper and has by Christ come to save the world. But by whom will that poor man or girl down there find love and the way? Of course by you, you, and you! Show some love, come to the love of others!